17 décembre 2009


Hey UNIgirls,

we are so sorry for the lack of posting on our blog. I'm away and havent had access too many computers so far! ill try to get better when i'm back in Stockholm next weekend.

So far this trip has been amazing but very COLD! I know you guys have tons of snow and its -20 something maybe.. so i shouldnt complain, i'm away walking in beautiful streets and eating amazing food. It just harder to feel on vacation and relax when your shoulders are crisped and all you can think of is getting inside a cafe for a warm hot chocolate!

Anyway, since i left you last time i've been working 3 amazing days with the WeSC crew in Stockholm. I had the chance to see the upcoming Fall 2010 collection which is screaming UNICORN from the first piece to the last. I dont have access to any pics of these beauties... sadly. you'll have to wait next August to see it! Of course, as usual, we will make sure you get lots of black but the main colors were Burgundy, Jazz blue (i know it sounds ridiculous but thats how they call it, so its basically a grey blue color) and black. Crazy shoulders, stretchy catsuit style one piece, open back, wool and warm jackets.

WeSC was celebrating their 10 years anniversary in 2009. For the occasion, they invited all the WEactivist and organised and nice dinner to thanks everyone. After the dinner, they invited us to an amazing show with Millencollin, Timbuktu, Ladu Tigra (which i fell in love with) and few more Djs. fun time!

After the WeSC sales meeting, my husband and I left Sweden for Spain and thats we I am right now. Writting you from my hotel room. We're in Barcelona. Its been 3 amazing days so far but like i mentionned before, very cold. i love the small narrow streets of this city. I feel wherever you walk, theres people. The city is very big and very charming, Lots of nice big wood windows and balconys with flowers. The nice boutique are hard to find. The trend here is very very colorful, patchwork style. Not UNICORN at all! Shoes are either amazingly expensive and nice or very very cheap quality. I think the shopping action will take place mostly when i get back to Stockholm!

The food in Barcelona is... ok. If you love potatoes, sausages, not too much veggies and iceberg salads, youll be in heaven. im more the healthy type so i find it hard to eat good quality food. But also, the city is so big, maybe we just hang out in the wring places! who knows?

Today is our last complete day here. we are planning to just walk around. we've done the tourist stuff already and feel like cruising around, relaxing.

hope the snow is not making you to cranky and that you have to go and say hello to our UNIcrew at the store. I know they work hard and i miss them a lot. You should definitely stop by for your christmas shopping, they'll be lots of help for sure!

kisses from Barcelona!

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