17 décembre 2009

i'm growing a unicorn

Big news UNIgirls!

i was thinking of a good way or good moment to announce you this but nothing special came up to my mind.. so it will simply go like this...

I'm growing a unicorn in my belly... yes, i'm 15 weeks pregnant!

Our little one is traveling the world with us at the moment and its been good but very exhausting. We are very excited at UNICORN to welcome the first UNIbaby. so you may see me with a big belly in the coming months and its not cause i've been eating too much turkey or christmas goodies..

I have a feeling this baby will have lots of aunties ;-)

I'll try to keep you posted on the fashion development of this pregnancy! that's going to be a fun fashion challenge and interesting to be creative with this big belly! haha! so far, nothing is showing really so i can keep wearing my normal clothes. good thing the trend is offering us a lot of tunics and looses outfits!

hihi! i am all giddy!

3 commentaires :

DL a dit...

congrats! awesome news, I'm so happy for you and J ;)
that's gonna be one stylish baby!

Anik a dit...

Félicitations! Thats great news ! I wish you all the best! Enjoy your fashionable pregnancy ;)


UNICORN a dit...

thanks girl! we are so happy and excited!! xo