8 décembre 2009

UNICORN's Christmas gift ideas

i don't know if you're like me but when it comes to christmas shopping, i'm always last minute cause i can't find time to do it. i thought i would help you by suggesting gift ideas we have in store ready for you to be picked up!

Shoe clips by ERICA WEINER (25$):

Gouttes necklace by COLORBLINDSMARTIES (60$):

TILLY DORO charms (40$):

BIJOUGRAPHIE earrings (45$):

NOEMIAH earrings (40$):

Saguenay fur & leather hat by RACHEL F (195$):

Recycled fur ear muffs by RACHEL F (60$):

Noeuds necklace by COLORBLINDSMARTIES (40$)

Wool tights by HANSEL FROM BASEL (35$):

Make-up leather pouch by LIFETIME (29$):

GALIT MASTAI comfy merino wool scarves (90$ & 110$):

ORBIT wool collar (45$):

Wool knee socks by HANSEL FROM BASEL (25$)

and oh god! we have so much more!

Hope we can help making this christmas shopping a bit easier and fun! come and visit us! :-)

4 commentaires :

Vanessa Moore a dit...

Loving the Colorblindsmarties necklaces!!

UNICORN a dit...

They are very unique and different, i agree! perfect christmas gift too :-)

Aney, a dit...

Love the scarves and necklaces - great gift ideas!!

UNICORN a dit...

awww thanks Aney! :-)