3 mai 2010

lake jane- new Etsy shop item

Lake Jane is one of my favorite Montreal blog. Marie-Eve, the blogger behind Lake Jane, writes about fashion, wedding, interior decor, food, design, travel, etc. She doesn't try to be trendy or cool but she just let us know about things she loves and that passionate her, and thats why, i think, so many people follow her. She is like us; she dreams, she shops on a budget and she likes uniqueness.

Recently she started an Etsy shop that you can visit here.

How unique and fun are these prints she created herself? Perfect gift or add on to your living room.

My favorite of all is this new one she just added today:

I wish badly i was still living in St-Henri so i could get one for my place. we recently moved to Verdun, doesnt feel so glamour but how cosy it is here for our soon to be family.

Anyway, if you are a Montreal lover, i think this is the perfect print for your appartment or house.

Love it Marie-Eve! Keep doing more of these prints!

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