20 avril 2010

The girl on the wall- Mrs Jean Baggott

She is just so lovely!

wish she could come to the boutique and share a cup of tea with us :)

2 commentaires :

Jean Baggott a dit...

Thank you so much for, firstly, saying such a nice thing on your blog, and secondly for the offer of a cup of tea ..... i can tell you now, that i rarely turn down the offer of a cuppa :)

Since the release of the book everything seems to have gone mad ! (i'm not complaining) life is very exciting right now, but it honestly thrills me to discover blogs like yours - I still can't get to grips with the fact that people are reading the words that i've written, even "the girl on the wall" is amazed.

I hope you've enjoyed the book.

Thanks again
Very best wishes
Jean Baggott

UNICORN a dit...

WOW! what an honor to have you comment on our post! hope to meet you one day!