5 décembre 2009

Mew in Montreal.

I remember the first time I listened to Mew's Comforting Sounds. It was December 26th, 2007 at my old apartment in Brown's Court. My best friends' Cassie and Katye were home for Christmas and I had invited them and their sisters to come over for drinks and an outting following our evening of slight inebriation and debauchery... At the time, I was going through difficult times in my life: a break up, deaths and other whirlwinds of events in my life that had taken place months previous to the fact.

Cassie and I were playing music, I would show her a band I enjoyed and her the same and we'd take turns. Then she showed me the music video ofComforting Sounds on YouTube.com and I melted. It was so beautiful, melodic... and the video itself was just dazzling with it's darkness. The lead singer, Jonas Bjerre, 32, resembles an angelic boy accompanied with his ethereal voice making the song and video that much more divine. 

I may be talking up the band a bit much, but I've been listening to them for two years now and finally I got the chance to see them tonight @ Cabaret Juste Pour Rire... I hope I don't cry when I hear Comforting Sounds. Doubt it. It's gonna be amazing! And I am so happy to share my excitement with the rest of you. 

Anyway... on that note, here is the link to the song that stole my heart two years ago on that cold December night! Enjoy! 

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