4 décembre 2009

Fur sure.

Fur is one of our oldest forms of fashion and human garments. For centuries now, humans have not tired of the warmth a fur coat, collar or hat can give. However, it has created stirs amongst people whose ethics and up-bringing have made them resent the fur industry because animals are slaughtered in order to have us wear their coats after the fact.
Thankfully, at UNICORN, we have wonderful fur accessories that are a 100% made of RECYCLED fur and leather! So now you don't have to feel as badly about wearing a pass-me down jacket whose original owner was a four legged creature. Better to re-use, and leave the foxes and the beavers in their wilderness, and still remain glamourous especially with the Montreal cold heading our way. We weren't blessed enough to giving beautiful fur coats.

Here are some images of fur fashion over the decades:

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