29 décembre 2009

Cute dresses for your NEW YEAR'S PARTY!

Bonjour les UNIgirls!

i'm sure you are stressing or thinking about your outfit for this special new years party of yours. I thought i would help by suggesting some nice dresses we have in store for you! Please note that everything is also on sale at the moment, so you'll find a good deal for sure!

Here's what i have in mind for you...

First, deux belles robes de WHITELABEL:

(295$ -20% off = 236$)

(325$ -25% off= 243,75$)

Then, two sexy and sparkly dresses from JUDY:

(80$ -20%off= 64$)

(79$ -20%off= 63,20$)

Troisièment, a cute tuxedo bubble dress from RACHEL SIN:

(260$ - 20%off= 208$)

Also, why not a comfy, sexy and so useful MOJITO dress:

(45$ -20%off= 36$)

Pour finir, je vous suggère this cute and elegant dress from ANASTASIA LOMONOVA:

(149$ -25%off= 111.75$)

So, now that you have found the perfect dress, lets just hope for a perfect night to end 2009!

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Audrwey a dit...

oh la la elles sont toutes magnifiques!!!