30 décembre 2009

Barcelona in photos :: Barcelone en photos

Bonjour UNIgirls!

this morning i thought i would share with you some memories from my short trip in Barcelona.

My husband and I spent 4 days in this historical and charming city this December. It was cold, the food was greasy but we fell in love with the beauty of this city.

Voici quelques endroits ou paysage qui resteront à jamais gravé dans notre mémoire...

This was the view from our hotel bedroom. a typical street in Barcelona. we were staying in the Old town, near the waterfront. Cosy & charming area.

In Barcelona, we found ourselves ended up in a new square every five minutes. They are everywhere and all so beautiful. This one with the old buildings and the fresh palm trees mix was our favorite. Maybe cause it was the first one we saw but we find it very unique and different from what we know.

This street had a very Gothic feel. It felt like we were on a movie set. We loved it.

Barcelona was cold but oh so colorful. This photo was taken in a huge market. It was so beautiful with all the fresh fruits & meats. It smelled like heaven. Wish i had a kitchen there so i would have had a reason to buy some fresh products in this typical market. Very tempting!

During our walking escapade, we stopped by the MACBA museum. I have a fascination and i love contemporary art museum. i always find their architecture so unique and i love browsing in their boutique! So, here's the Museum of contemporary art of Barcelona. Notice the contrast of old and modern in the architecture. That was very special to see. This very new and fresh building among the very old style ones. Loved it!

When we arrived in Barcelona, they only thing i knew i wanted for sure to see was all the beautiful Gaudi realisations. I've heard so much about them and it would be for me the sign that i was really in Barcelona. So here is the Sagrada Familia. A very big unfinished temple that they first started to construct in 1882. When Gaudi died, only one of the tour was constructed. When the project will be done, it will count 18 of these tours. They plan to finish the Sagrada between 2025 and 2030... still a while to go!

Talking of Gaudi, here's the Guell Park. It was, with no hesitation, one of my favorite thing we've done in Barcelona. Maybe it helped that we finally got the sun and a bit of warmth when we got there but its seriously one of the most beautiful park i've seen in my life. Its colorful and full of beautiful art pieces and palm trees. If i would be living in Barcelona, i would go picnic there very often i feel. It felt like a ressourcing and for sure very inspiring place.

To finish this post, here's a nice view of Barcelona taken from one of the Sagrada Familia tour.
Hope i make you feel like going away! Go, travel, discover your planet, this is the best thing in the world!!!!!

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