27 avril 2010

I have to introduce you to...


Monique is an amazing photographer from Toronto that now lives in Montreal. She has her beautifuly decorated studio at the end of our street in Verdun..

I first fell in love with Monique's window display at her studio. She is showing there some of her art and a beautiful vintage classy and simple wedding dress that i would have dreamed of for my wedding! She also display a cool turquoise vintage chair.

I then looked inside the window and couldnt believe what i was seeing. The owner of that place was, like us at UNICORN, a fan of old furniture that she would repaint all in white (we go for black). It just looks so beautiful in there, so simple and pure!

It's after this that i contacted Monique for a photoshoot. My husband and I thought it would be nice to have a souvenir of this amazing pregnancy we are going through. We tried few shots at home but we arent professional and it shows!

Monique replied to me very fast and we set up a meeting.

This first meeting was like a dream. Love at first sight for sure! Monique is charming, dedicated, open minded and i love her sense of style. We then decided to shoot photos of the pregnancy but also some shots with Billie (our baby girl) 2 weeks after the delivery!

We did the first photoshoot last sunday and guys, it was amazing! she made us feel like superstars! :-)

Today, she posted two photos of this shoot on her blog.

I suggest you contact Monique for all kind of photos you need; wedding, baby, dogs, etc

If you dont have any reason to get photograph, visit her blog or website to look at her amazing portfolio.

She has talent and she is a generous and devoted photographer!

Can't wait to see more photos but for now, here's the two she posted on her blog this morning:

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Lake Jane a dit...

Amélie - tu es resplendissante! Félicitations ! Superbes photos. Marie-Eve ox

UNICORN a dit...

Merci Marie-Eve! tu viendras nous dire un petit bonjour à la boutique! j'espère que le retour de voyage n'est pas trop difficile! xo