25 janvier 2010

New brand...Coming Soon!!

Spring is just around the corner ladies!! Well sort of...but I know we are all looking forward to it that is for sure! Here is something else we can look forward to, the new and exciting brand, ELLA PERU!

Young and talented Vancouver designer, Su-Hui Chu established her beautiful clothing line in 2009 and has just recently won the title of Generation Next Spring 2010 Designer at BC Fashion Week!

Su-Hui Chu aims to design clothes that are for the girl with multi-faceted taste and who loves to explore contrast in her wardrobe. She has come up with pieces that are pretty yet edgy, simplistic yet chic and understated yet adventurous.

Here at Unicorn we are looking forward to incorporating vibrant and colorful Ella Peru into our beloved boutique!! Come on Spring, get here!!!

For more info check out Elle Perus website: www.ellaperu.com

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