7 novembre 2009

the oufit of the day's name is Malena.

WeSC designed this dress for their Holiday line. I decided to make it the outfit of the day because it is a concept dress and to try it on, you must open your mind. Seeing it on the hanger is MUCH different than seeing it on a person (or what would appear to be the statue of a human torso). This dress has adjustable arm holes so that they may be tightened and loosened and the right side of the dress has buttons, hence you may adjust that entire side to loosen the collar. It is not the kind of garment that will be drapped on you, it is the kind of garment that you mold yourself into how you want to wear it. It's extremely versatile which I like. You can wear it with leggings, nylons, sleeveless or with sleeves underneath. Here is Malena!

Also, we got a new and exciting jewelry line in the Boutique this week called Nea, the designer's name is Janick and is based out of Montréal. She makes really beautiful things, like this necklace with a bird's skull on it. She also has a blog... http://fonetik.wordpress.com/. Find out more about this designer! Come to Unicorn and see her stuff!

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