2 novembre 2009

new stock: beautiful hand knitted GALIT MASTAI scarves

We just received some unique hand knitted scarves from Galit Mastai.

She doesnt have an etsy shop or a website but believe me, they are beautiful and warm scarves.

Here's why we fell in love with them and why they are so unique:

- The scarves are made from 100% merino wool bought directly from a small scale New Zealand farm.

- The wool has not been bleached or dyed, so the cream and brown are the colours of the sheep themselves.

- The wool was carded on a 100 year old relic carding machine in Vancouver

- Each scarf may differ from one another. This is because the wool was hand spun, which gives the yarn an irregular look. so sometimes the yarn is slighty thicker and sometimes it is slightly narrower.

- The scarves may be host to the random twig, burr or bit of straw- this is remnant from the sheep's outdoor adventures :-)

- and like i mentionned before, each scarf was hand knit by yours truly...

a big thanks to Rubie for modeling them... :-)

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galit a dit...

Cute model! Here's a link to my lookbook...