13 novembre 2009

new designer @ Boutique Unicorn!

We got a new designer in at Unicorn this week hailing from across the provincial border between Québec and Ontario. This new designer's name is Rachel Sin, she resides and designs these aesthetically beautiful dresses and skirts in our nation's capital of Ottawa. Not only is she a designer, but also an Architect and has a master's in Architecture. Makes sense, she is in two fields that has the sole intention of constructing something that is beautiful and purposeful for others. Come to Unicorn and see her designs, her Tuxedo dress is perfect for your holiday perils and parties.

Origami Pleat Skirt

Wool Pencil Skirt

Tuxedo Dress

Sweetheart Cocktail Dress

Sharp V Cut Wool Dress
in black and gray at Unicorn

Cascade Wool Dress
in black and gray at Unicorn

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