21 avril 2009

La La La Human Steps

I abolutely love contemporary dance and my favorite company in the whole world just happens to call Montreal home.  La La La Human Steps is an incredible company founded by Edouard Lock.  The dancers are famous for their amazing athleticism and the precision with which they execute the choreography.  I find the work of this company daring, captivating and extremely beautiful.  

On April 30th, May 1st and 2nd Human Steps will perform their most recent, very successful piece, Amjad at Place des Arts.  I have been looking forward to this performance since before I moved to Montreal and very much hope to go!

Human Steps not only tours their live performances worldwide, but they also work in different mediums.  Here is a video they created in 2003 for the Festival international du nouveau cinema de Montreal.  I am sure all my friends have seen it already because I force them all to watch it pretty frequently.  It is called Amélia.  

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